Devco was pleased to have the opportunity to give a workshop at this year's CRU Sulphur conference covering a veriety of topics relating to the Sulfur Industry and Devco's product offerings. 

Topics Included: 

  • Market Analysis
  • Sulfur Forming Units
  • Modularization
  • Materials Handling
  • Ortloff SRU Technology
  • Sulfur Dust
  • Degassing
  • Sulfur Melters


Joining Devco in presenting during the workshop were John Peyton from Ortloff Engineers Ltd., presenting on Ortloff's Sulfur Recovery Unit Technology, and Jerry d'Aquin, of Consul Inc. giving market analysis and talking about Sulfur Dust. Click below for full details. 

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In addition to giving a full workshop at the conference, Devco's Director of Business Development, Mark Gilbreath, presented an update on the 1 million ton per year sulfur melter facility that Devco has designed and built in Central Florida. Click Here for the Full Presentation. 


About Devco

For over 35 years, Devco, a Houston Interests company, has been offering process technology and plant solutions for the oil and gas industry. Experts at the balance of plant engineering, Devco takes component technologies and engineers integrated solutions for their customers. With decades of expertise in gas processing and sulfur technology, Devco manages and delivers all aspects of a project including detailed FEED, procurement, project and construction management, control system integration, electrical design, and expert 3D design. Visit to learn more. 




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