Devco Liquid Terminaling

    Liquid Handling, Storage and Loadout

    Our Liquid handling experts understand the challenges and regulations our clients face. Our designs meet industry standards, operational needs and budget requirement. Our staff has provided decades of multidiscipline engineering design and delivers solutions to process, blend, store and handle your incoming and outgoing product via pipeline, rail, truck or ship. 

    Additionally, our 3D design expertise enables clients to take advantage of modular fabrication which allows for expedited project schedules and reduced construction cost. 


    Liquid Storage Tanks

    Complete Facility Design

    • Site Civil, Containment and Tank Foundations
    • Automatic Loading and Unloading
    • Flares for Vapor Incineration
    • Custody Transfer Metering and Inventory Management Integration
    • Pumps, Piping, Racks and Manifolds
    • Power Distribution and Controls
    • Ancillary buildings
    • Permitting Support
    • API Certified
    • Fire Protection Systems
    • Environmental and Regulatory Standards

    Design Expertise

    • 3D Piping Design and Structural Models
    • Pipe Flow and Stress Analysis
    • Vapor Recovery and Combustion Systems
    • Steam and Electrical Heat Tracing Design
    • Site Preparation for Utilities
    • Process Calculations and Flow Diagrams
    • Fire Protection System Design and Specification