Customer: California Sulfur Company
Location: Long Beach, CA USA
Equipment: Devco II
Capacity: 2,000 TPD

In 2005 Devco was hired by California Sulfur Company to upgrade their original sulfur forming unit. The upgrade replaced an older Devco unit, which had operated successfully for 25 years. This new unit, with a capacity of 2,000 tons per day, doubled the original capacity and was the first Devco II Sulfur Forming Unit. Devco's scope included engineering of the sulfur forming unit, as well as truck unloading and conveying. Additionally, Devco provided construction and start up supervision and support.

Devco II Long Beach CA

 Pictured are the Devco II Sulfur Forming Unit, one of the product conveyors, and one of the outdoor sulfur storage piles.

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