ChinaCustomer: Sinopec
Location: Puguang Gas Field, Sichuan Province, PR China
Equipment: 4 x Devco II Forming Units
Capacity: 8,600 tonnes per day
Facility Started: December 2008

Devco was awarded a contract to build a 8,600 ton per day prilling facility for Sinopec for the Puguang Gas Project. This facility utilizes the Devco II Granulation Process. Devco also provided technical assistance for the sulfur handling system.

This facility is China’s first large-scale sulfur export facility. An important step in large scale sulfur production was the adoption of a national standard for Premium Sulfur Product. This standard (GB-T 2449-2006 Sulfur for Industrial Use) mandates moisture content and particle size which are both met by the Devco II Process.

magcover-216x300This profile in Sulphur Magazine details the choice of technology for this large-scale sulphur production facility considering operational flexibility, product quality, capital savings and commercial benefits of the Devco technology. This significant project has gained world-wide attention as China’s first large-scale sulfur forming facility & due to the wide influence the Chinese buyers have on the world sulphur market.

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