Sulfur Asphalt

Devco Sulphur Asphalt

Devco worked with Rock Binders Inc. to develop a unique technology to add sulfur with proprietary additives to asphalt to produce a stronger and better material for roads. Devco’s Bay Sulfur Company was the first facility in the world to produce SEAM® (Sulfur Extended Asphalt Modifier) at our Stockton, California facility using the standard wet sulfur pelletizing process. This product has been successfully installed in roadways in Las Vegas, Nevada. The addition of special proprietary substances to the sulfur allows for the odor-free blending using conventional asphalt batch plants. SEAM strengthens asphalt pavement while virtually eliminating rutting and cracking.

The SEAM technology was acquired by Shell Canada and Devco is equipped to supply plants for the production of SEAM for companies who have been licensed by Shell for the production of SEAM.